We understand that a spiritual life with God is not a given but must be pursued intentionally with our hearts wide open. We either engage ourselves with God or drift away from His presence. This page lists some ways we are being intentional about an inward journey to personally encounter God and His transforming love, and an outward journey to express this love to others. 

Jesus retreated to solitary places as a necessary practice for finding intimacy with His Father.  The busy pace of life today means that we also need to take retreats if we desire to have a lived experience of God. Here you will find our upcoming retreats.    

Access Kingdom-oriented on-line courses with Vineyard Institute to grow in your understanding of the Bible and the Kingdom, and to become more fruitful in life and ministry. 

Link up with a growth coach to support you in your own unique growth journey. We all have good intentions, but The Growth Pathway will provide Spirit-inspired guidance and accountability to help it actually happen and bear fruit in your life. Get help to utilise what is on offer at Foothills to build spiritual momentum for your life.   

Healing House is an open opportunity to receive prayer for physical or emotional healing, or to be set free from demonic oppression. You can come yourself or bring someone else who needs healing. You can also inquire about joining the prayer team and receiving prayer team training.   

Be equipped with skills which allow you to give attention to the details of the contours of your heart and to join God in His work in the world. Both are important for a spiritual life with God. Check out coming training events here. 

See our recommended book of the month. These books will not just inform your intellect but speak to your conscience and shape your soul. 

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