The Growth Pathway offers you support to develop your own growth pathway to help you grow personally and spiritually. We often don’t grow much because our involvement in things which would help us grow is piece-meal or sporadic. The Growth Pathway keeps us intentionally focused on our next steps for growth in a consistent way over time. 

At Foothills we already have wonderful growth opportunities in place:  

  • Restore3 Groups (develop supportive friendships, encounter Christ, and practice the works of the kingdom).  
  • The Enneagram (understand yourself and find ways forward). 
  • Healing House (seek wholeness through the healing of heart wounds and physical sickness).
  • Training Events (like learning to hear God’s voice and other skill/tools for the spiritual and kingdom life). 
  • Vineyard Institute (learn the Bible and understand God’s kingdom). 
  • Foothills Ministry Teams (growing our hearts and skills by joining God in His work in the world). 
  • Retreats (opportunities for the solitude and silence which allow the Holy Spirit to pour God’s love into our hearts).  
  • Spiritual Direction (not counselling; reflection with someone on the journey toward God to encourage you to draw deeper to God).     

For on-going help to utilise these growth opportunities (amongst others) to achieve your own growth goals, contact Paul for more information on The Growth Pathway at: 0413 806 977 or

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