We can’t live a Kingdom life without others – that’s why small groups are important. We call our small groups Restore3 Groups. The “3” points to the powerful spiritual dynamic experienced when 3 or more followers take a journey together toward God with true desire for Him. Learn more about Restore3 Groups here. 

If you are a young person we believe that you are a prime candidate for involvement in God’s Kingdom. We celebrate the different ways you might do things and your crazy sense of energy. Check out Swag Youth and with a bunch of other young people prepare yourself for God and for the future he has planned for your life.   

Kids are a priority for Foothills Church and we have a lot of them! Find out what is in store for your kids – love, fun and of course God! 

Foothills Men are called to be MEN LIVING GODLY. See our men’s activities here. 

See our women’s activities here. 

Our Next Potluck Lunch

Join the community for a potluck lunch after church – these are organised around specific events.

Watch here for details of the next potluck. 

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