Restore3 Groups are a great way to create community & support one another.

At Foothills we recognise the fact that it’s all too easy to walk in and out of church on a Sunday without really getting to know people or having time to talk about how we are or receiving prayer. Restore3 Groups are a place to get to know a smaller group of people in the church and encourage each other intentionally in our INWARD journeys with God. However, Restore3 Groups don’t stop there! They also encourage our OUTWARD journey in sharing God’s heart for those outside our group who don’t know him. Restore3 Groups recognise the power of two or three people meeting in God’s name.

What do Restore3 Groups do?

Each Restore3 Group will be unique in their own way but all groups observe four values:

  • Friendship – creating a vibrant community
  • Illumination – getting stuck into God’s word together
  • Restoration – a place for healing and restoration; participating in the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
  • Mission – taking part in God’s kingdom work of bringing restoration to the world around us.

This term Restore3 Groups are focussed on: SPIRITUAL GIFTS

  • Where and when do Restore3 Groups meet? There are Restore3 Groups meeting in the surrounding suburbs on a weekly and fortnightly basis.

How do I join one?

Contact the church office on (02) 47323 139.

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