Event Changes Due to COVID-19

Event Changes Due to COVID-19

Due to the impact of the Corona Virus any activities involving gathering together will now take place online using Zoom live-streaming.

If you are not a regular participant in the Foothills community you are welcome to join us. This will simply require requesting a Zoom access code for the event you would like to join via the ‘HI-CAN WE HELP?’ button on the homepage.

We don’t just want to replicate Sunday services and have you passively watching, but are committed to find ways to be interactive and to involve anyone who participates in the event. This means that you need to be open to putting thoughts or what you feel God saying forward to the group using the chat or Q&A functions, or to speak up if we invite people to speak. Of course if you feel uncomfortable interacting you are more than welcome to participate without interacting at all.

Opportunities will be offered for prayer ministry on-line at services and other online events and you are encouraged to make the most of this confidential means of support and encouragement.

God is still at work. See you online!

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